Welcome to the Intervention Mapping website! Intervention Mapping is a protocol for developing effective behavior change interventions. If you're interested in Intervention Mapping, you may want to become a member of the Intervention Mapping mailing list.

Summer Course 2013 Photograph

Summer Course 2012 photograph

Summer Course 2011 photograph

Intervention Mapping Summer Course: Interesting presentation of Dilana Schaafsma

The interesting presentation of Dilana Schaafsma (a critical analysis of existing health education programs using Intervention Mapping as a guideline) is online at http://prezi.com/n0732xz2u3s8/​summercourse-2011/.

Mendeley Group!

Intervention Mapping now has an official Mendeley group! This allows everybody who uses the (free and excellent) reference management package Mendeley to add Intervention Mapping publications. See http://www.mendeley.com/groups/997691/intervention-mapping-publications/... for a list of the papers that have been added so far, and to become a member yourself!

Mailing List Online!

There is now an Intervention Mapping mailing list! See this page for information about how to subscribe.

New IM Book!

Front of IM book

The new 3rd edition of the Intervention Mapping book has appeared in January 2011.

Thoroughly revised and updated, Planning Health Promotion Programs provides a powerful, practical resource for the planning and development of health education and helath promotion programs.

In addition, the book has been redesigned to be more teachable, practical, and practitioner-friendly.

The book can be ordered at http://josseybass.com/go/bartholomew.

Information Summer Course 2011 online!

The information about the new Summer Course has been posted!
Check this page for more information.

In memoriam Herman Schaalma

We are saddened to pass on the news that our colleague Herman Schaalma passed away quite suddenly last Saturday. Herman came to Maastricht in 1990 for his PhD research at the Department of Health Education at the former Faculty of Health Sciences. In 2005 he moved to the Faculty of Psychology were he was appointed endowed professor for AIDS prevention.

And what a man he was. Colourful. Unconventional. Inspiring. There are many students, PhD candidates and colleagues who will remember him fondly. If you worked with Herman you would have realised very quickly that his nonchalance concealed his tremendous passion for scientific work. “Just act normal” was his motto. That made him special. We will all miss him terribly.

New Intervention Mapping site online!

The new Intervention Mapping site is online!

Some things still need to be configured, but the basics are here. You can create an account using the menu to the left, and then you can use your Intervention Mapping blog and the forums to keep in touch, ask questions, and exchange information and resources. In time, we will use this site to post Intervention Mapping files, for example presentations of the summer course.

As you will discover, the site as yet only contains basic information about Intervention Mapping. If you wish to contribute, just drop us a line (you can use the contact form)! Similarly, please let us know if you would like certain things to be included on the site. For now, have fun exploring what we have so far!

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