Valedictory Lecture and Liber Amicorum Gerjo Kok

On April 8, Gerjo Kok gave his valedictory lecture at Maastricht University. Below you find the (English) text of his lecture. As a present from his colleagues, he received 12 books with all his international publications that Gill ten Hoor and Rob Ruiter could trace, with editorial introductions by various colleagues that worked with Gerjo over the years.  Below you also find the books.

Valedictory Lecture
This is the English text; note that the original lecture was in Dutch, and therefore may deviate slightly from this text.

Liber Amicorum
Note that these links enable viewing the books online, which we deemed preferable because some of them are close to 100 megabytes in size. However, the online reader may not always buffer the PDF sufficiently fast, resulting in empty (dark grey) pages. In those cases, click the download button at the top to download the PDF to your local device (this is the button with the downward arrow) and get a cup of coffee while the PDF downloads.

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