Welcome to sIMpl.

This website contains a number of Short User-friendly Progressive Lectures (SUPLs) that explain Intervention Mapping. These SUPLs accompany the book "Planning health promotion programs; an Intervention Mapping approach", written in 2011 by Kay Bartholomew, Guy Parcel, Gerjo Kok, Nell Gottlieb and Maria Fernández (published by Jossey-Bass in San Fransisco, California, United States). On the lecture slides, the corresponding book pages have been printed.

Each box on the left opens to a subseries of SUPLs. If you are already familiar with IM, you may start anywhere. If not, it is advisable to follow the arrows in the model. We hope these lectures can contribute to your understanding of Intervention Mapping.

These SUPLs have been developed to recognize three things.
  1. Not everybody processes information equally fast. Therefore, traditional lectures are bound to be simultanously too slow and boring for some people and too fast and complex for others.
  2. Lectures are usually unilateral; there is often no interaction. This means they may as well be replaced by online content; that way, contact hours can be used for activities where students actually interact with the teacher.
  3. Most lectures disregard Cognitive Load Theory; we tried to optimize the effect of these lectures by taking the implications of Cognitive Load Theory into account.
We hope these lectures can contribute to your understanding of Intervention Mapping.

Note that this project is quite new (November 2011), and more content will be added over time.
short Intervention Mapping progressive lectures
Overview Intervention Mapping
Step 1
Needs assessment
Step 2
Step 3
Methods & Applications
Step 4
Step 5
Planning Implementation
Step 6
Planning Evaluation
Implementation, Evaluation, Revision & Adaptation
Core processes
Theories on the individual level
Theories on the environmental level
Additional empirical research
Case study Long Live Love
Case study Lively legs